Steely Dan – Reeling In The Years (1972)


An individual, limited edition, example of vinyl art made from a genuine, original, 45rpm, 7” single featuring the  single, Reeling In The Years by Steely Dan. The record was released in 1972, on the ABC record label and has been reworked into the  silhouette of a fishing reel.

A great framed gift for a friend or family member who is a fan of Steely Dan, course fishing, angling or has a special memory linked to the song.

Presented in a satin black box frame
Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered by myself, the artist

Title: Reeling In The Years
Media Artist/s: Steely Dan
Record Label: ABC
Medium: Mixed media, hand cut from an original 7″ vinyl single
Era: 1970s
Genre: Rock /Jazz Rock

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Additional information about this, Steely Dan vinyl art.

Steely Dan – The Artist

Steely Dan is an American rock band founded in 1972 by core members Walter Becker (guitars, bass, backing vocals) and Donald Fagen (keyboards, lead vocals). Blending rock, jazz, traditional pop, R&B, and sophisticated studio production with cryptic and ironic lyrics, the band enjoyed critical and commercial success starting from the early 1970s until breaking up in 1981. Throughout their career, the duo recorded with a revolving cast of session musicians, and in 1974 retired from live performances to become a studio-only band.

Reeling In The Years – The Song

“Reeling In The Years” (sometimes known as “Reelin’ In the Years”) is a song by jazz rock band Steely Dan, released as the second single from their 1972 album, Can’t Buy a Thrill.  It was written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and features Fagen on vocals. It includes a very popular guitar solo.

A Fishing Reel – The Shape

This 7″ record has been modelled into a modern simple fishing reel. A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing line. Modern fishing reels usually have fittings aiding in casting for distance and accuracy, as well as retrieving line. Fishing reels are traditionally used in the recreational sport of angling and competitive casting. They are typically attached to a fishing rod, though some specialised reels are mounted directly to boat gunwales or transoms. The fishing reel was invented in Song dynasty China, where the earliest known illustration of a fishing reel is from Chinese paintings and records beginning about 1195 AD. Fishing reels first appeared in England around 1650 AD.

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Additional information

Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 25 × 4.5 × 25 cm


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