The Funky Gibbon – The Goodies (1975)


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An individual, limited edition, example of vinyl art made from a genuine, original, 45rpm, 7” single featuring the  single, The Funky Gibbon by The Goodies from the popular British TV series. The record was released in 1975, on the Bradley’s record label and has been reworked into the silhouette of a swinging gibbon.

A great framed gift for a friend or family member who is a fan of the TV Comedy, The Goodies, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden, 70s Comedy, Gibbons, Apes or has a special memory linked to the song.

Presented in a black wooden box frame
Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered by myself, the artist

Title: The Funky Gibbon
Media Artist/s: The Goodies
Record Label: Bradley’s
Medium: Mixed media, hand cut from an original 7″ vinyl single
Era: 1970s
Genre: Pop / Novelty

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Additional information about this, The Goodies vinyl art.

The Goodies – The Artist

The Goodies were a trio of British comedians: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, and Bill Oddie. The trio created, wrote for and performed in their eponymous television comedy show from 1970 until 1982, combining sketches and situation comedy. They also had a string of successful chart singles penned by Bill Oddie. In 1974–75, they chalked up five hit singles in twelve months: “The Inbetweenies”, “Black Pudding Bertha”, “Nappy Love” and “Funky Gibbon” and “Make a Daft Noise for Christmas”. “Funky Gibbon” was their biggest hit which reached number 4 in the UK Singles Chart and during the peak of their fame The Goodies made an appearance on Top of the Pops with the song. After the TV series all three members went of too successful careers. Tim Brooke-Taylor (1940-2020) went on to work on BBC Radio with ‘I’M Sorry, I’ll Read That Again and appeared as an actor in various sitcoms, and was a panellist on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue for almost 50 years. Bill Oddie (Born 1941) is an English writer, comedian, composer, musician, artist, birder, conservationist, television presenter and actor. A birder since his childhood Oddie has established a reputation as a naturalist, conservationist, and television presenter on wildlife issues. David Graeme Garden OBE (Born1943) is a British comedian, actor, author, artist and television after the Goodies he became know as a cast member on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

The Funky Gibbon – The Song

‘The Funky Gibbon’ is a novelty pop song written by Bill Oddie and recorded by The Goodies. It was arranged by Tom Parker with the musical backing provided by members of the R&B band Gonzalez and released as a single in 1975. The B-side was “Sick Man Blues”, which had previously been written by Oddie for use in the radio series I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again. It was the most successful single for The Goodies. It entered the UK Singles Chart on 15 March 1975 at no. 37, remaining in the chart for 10 weeks and peaking at no. 4. Lyrically the song explains how to dance the ‘Funky Gibbon.’

The Gibbon – The Shape

This record has been modelled into a shape of a gibbon performing the ‘Funky Gibbon’ dance. Gibbons are apes in the family Hylobatidae. The family historically contained one genus, but now is split into four genera and 18 species. Gibbons live in tropical and subtropical rain forests from eastern Bangladesh and northeast India to southern China and Indonesia (including the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and Java). Gibbons differ from great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and humans) in being smaller, exhibiting low sexual dimorphism, and not making nests. In certain anatomical details, they superficially more closely resemble monkeys than great apes do, but like all apes, gibbons are tailless.

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