Where Are You Baby? – Betty Boo (1990)


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An individual, limited edition, example of vinyl art made from a genuine, original, 45rpm, 7” single featuring the  single, Where Are You Baby? by Betty Boo. The record was released in 1990, on the Rhythm King record label and has been reworked into a spaceman and his helmet along with the Betty Boo spiral logo as a star.

A great framed gift for a friend or family member who is a fan of the Betty Boo, Electronic House Music, Astronauts, Space  or has a special memory linked to the song.

Presented in a black wooden box frame
Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered by myself, the artist

Title: Where Are You Baby
Media Artist/s: Betty Boo
Record Label: Rhythm King
Medium: Mixed media, hand cut from an original 7″ vinyl single
Era: 1990s
Genre: Electronic / House

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Additional information about this, Betty Boo vinyl art.

Betty Boo – The Artist

Alison Moira Clarkson (born 1970 in Kensington, London), better known as Betty Boo, is an English singer, songwriter and pop-rap artist. She first came to mainstream prominence in the late 1980s following a collaboration with the Beatmasters on the song “Hey DJ/I Can’t Dance (To That Music You’re Playing)”. Between 1990 and 1992 she had a successful solo career, which spawned a number of chart-placing singles, most notably “Doin’ the Do”, “Where Are You Baby?”, and “Let Me Take You There”.

Where Are You Baby? – The Song

‘Where Are You Baby?is a song by English singer, songwriter and pop-rap artist Betty Boo, included on her debut album Boomania. It was released as a single in 1990, peaking at number three on the UK Singles Chart in September 1990 and earning a Silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry on New Year’s Day 1991. Outside the United Kingdom, the single reached number six in Ireland, number 10 in Spain, number 11 in New Zealand, and number 13 in Switzerland. It also charted in Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The Astronaut’s Helmet – The Shape

This record has been modelled into the silhouette of  a spaceman / astronaut looking out into the stars while wearing his space helmet which is part of his space suit.  A space suit or spacesuit is a garment worn to keep a human alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and temperature extremes. Space suits are often worn inside spacecraft as a safety precaution in case of loss of cabin pressure, and are necessary for extravehicular activity (EVA), work done outside spacecraft. Space suits have been worn for such work in Earth orbit, on the surface of the Moon, and en route back to Earth from the Moon. Modern space suits augment the basic pressure garment with a complex system of equipment and environmental systems designed to keep the wearer comfortable, and to minimise the effort required to bend the limbs, resisting a soft pressure garment’s natural tendency to stiffen against the vacuum. A self-contained oxygen supply and environmental control system is frequently employed to allow complete freedom of movement, independent of the spacecraft.


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Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 25 × 4.5 × 25 cm
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