I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (1978)


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An individual, limited edition, example of vinyl record art made from a genuine, original, 45rpm, 7” single featuring the hit, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. The record was released in 1978 on the Polydor record label and has been reworked into a roller disco skate as inspired by the dancer in the songs promotional video.

A great framed gift for a friend or family member who is a fan of Gloria Gaynor, 70s Disco, Roller Disco, Skating or has special memory linked to the song.

Presented in a black wooden box frame
Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered by myself, the artist

Title: I Will Survive
Media Artist/s: Gloria Gaynor
Record Label: Polydor
Medium: Mixed media, hand cut from an original 7″ vinyl single
Era: 1970s
Genre: Disco

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Additional information about this, Gloria Gaynor vinyl art.

Gloria Gaynor – The Artist

Gloria Gaynor (Born Gloria Fowles, 1943) is an American singer, best known for the disco era hits “I Will Survive” (1979), “Never Can Say Goodbye” (1974), “Let Me Know (I Have a Right)” (1980) and “I Am What I Am” (1983). Her breakthrough came with the album Love Tracks from which the hit single ‘I Will Survive’ was taken. After releasing two disco albums she lost popularity due to the backlash against disco but became popular again when she changed her sound to mid-tempo R&B and Pop style songs. Gaynor would achieve her final success in the 1980s with the release of her album I Am Gloria Gaynor in 1984. This was mainly due to the song “I Am What I Am”, which became a hit at dance clubs. “I Am What I Am” became a gay anthem and made Gaynor a gay icon. Her 1986 album, The Power of Gloria Gaynor, was almost entirely composed of cover versions of other songs that were popular at the time. She became a Christin and received more recognition in the 90s with the worldwide disco revival movement.

I Will Survive – The Song

I Will Survive’ is a song written by Dino Fefaris and Freddie Perren and sung by American Gloria Gaynor. The lyrics of this song are written from the point of view of a woman, recently dumped, telling her former lover that she can cope without him and does not want anything more to do with him. The song has become something of an anthem of female emancipation. Interestingly, “I Will Survive” was originally the B-side of a song called ‘Substitute’ which Polydor Records released in late 1978. As a disco number, the song was unique for its time by virtue of Gaynor’s having no background singers or lush production. And, unlike her first disco hits, the track was not pitched up to make it faster and to render Gaynor’s recorded voice in a higher register than that in which she actually sang. Most disco hits at the time were heavily produced, with multiple voices, overdubs, and adjustments to pitch and speed. “I Will Survive” had a much more spare and “clean” sound. Had it been originally planned and released as an A-side, it would almost certainly have undergone a substantially more heavy-handed remix.

The Quad Roller Skate – The Shape

This record has been beautifully crafted into a quad roller skate as used in roller disco. A roller disco is a discothèque or skating rink where all the dancers wear roller skates of some kind (traditional quad or inline). The music played is modern and easily danceable, historically disco but in modern times including almost any form of dance, pop or rock music.

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Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 25 × 4.5 × 25 cm
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