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Celebrity: Bio author choose Kenny Deane Vinyl Art for Ian Hunter

mott the hoople

Biographer and writer Campbell Devine wanted to give a memorable present to Ian Hunter, long time friend and lead singer of 70s rock band, Mott The Hoople. Cambell saw Kenny Deane and his vinyl art at St. Albans Saturday Market and commissioned him to produce the birthday gift.

Campbell wanted to give Ian a keepsake that he would never forget and conjure up personal memories of the band. After much deliberation Campbell asked Kenny to model the Mott The Hoople single, Foxy Foxy from 1974 into a fox.

Kenny Deane said: “As a fan of Mott The Hoople I was absolutely thrilled to produce a piece that would be going to Ian Hunter himself. Now, if i can track down a copy, I am looking forward to reading the biography, All the Young Dudes: The Official Biography by Campbell Divine”.

All the Young Dudes: The Official Biography by Campbell Divine Is published by Cherry Red Music. Dated 2007. ISBN-10 – 1901447952

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27th July 2018. Kenny Deane PR003/27/07/2018

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