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Customer: Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Launch with Kenny Deane Art

bower and wilkins

London based PR agency, Honcho PR, enlisted the help of Kenny Deane Vinyl art to theme and decorate the rooms in the prestigious Metropolitan Hotel for the trade and press launch of the exciting new range of Bowers And Wilkins speakers.

Charlotte Priest of Honcho PR said: “We wanted some colour to brighten the rooms at the launch that would appeal to the largely music and audio related audience. Kenny Deane and his vinyl art is unique and relatively unknown so we knew it would help stimulate interest in the music minded audience.”

Bowers And Wilkins are an award winning speaker, headphones and car audio manufacturer based in Worthing, Sussex, UK.

Kenny Deane said: “I was delighted to help with both my large and smaller pieces of art at this PR launch. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase my work to such a music and audio enthusiastic audience.”


All the smaller 25x25cm vinyl art that is on display at the PR launch is also available on

For further information about Kenny Deane’s Vinyl Art click here. For information on his latest work click here.

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23rd April 2019. Kenny Deane PR00623/04/2019

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